A saddle, whether jumping, dressage, or other, needs to fit both the rider and their horse. A quality dressage saddle should be comfortable and supportive while riding. Several features make a saddle comfortable. A good example is the saddle’s deep seat and the presence of knee blocks, which keep the rider’s knee in place. Here are some of the features you should consider when choosing a dressage saddle. Keep reading to find out more!

Characteristic features of dressage saddles

Dressage saddles offer deeper seats and big knee blocks of various shapes, lengths, and widths, allowing the rider for a more static position. The saddle flap should be wide enough to fit the rider’s leg. The choice of knee blocks and tabs lenght is up to the rider’s experience and individual preferences. The saddle should not sit too far forward, as it may restrict the movement of the horse’s shoulder blade. Finally, the channel width should be large enough to fit the horse’s spine without interfering with the horse’s movement.

Dressage saddle – construction

Choosing a dressage saddle

Size. While the width of a dressage saddle varies widely, its proper size depends on the horse’s back and profile. The length of the saddle cannot reach past the horse’s last immobile rib. The seat size should be chosen according to the rider’s individual body characteristics. Make sure your lower back does not brush against the cantle of the saddle. Girth length is also important. Short girths and longer stirrup leathers are used in dressage.

Material. Choose between leather or synthetic materials for the saddle. Each has its own pros and cons. It is best to choose a saddle that is durable and comfortable.

Quality. The top-quality dressage saddles should allow the horse and rider to feel connected. They should be flexible enough to accommodate the varying needs of the rider and horse. You will feel a stronger connection with your horse and enjoy the ride more if the saddle is comfortable and properly fitted.

Brand. There are plenty of dressage saddle models to choose from. Various brands offer different colors, shapes and materials, as well as additional features. As an example, Prestige Italia offers high-quality saddles that guarantee elegancy, maximum freedom of movement and support balance of the rider’s body.