In the summer season, we do our best to provide our horses with as much comfort and peace of mind as possible during their time out at the paddock. In the middle of summer, flies and other insects that perch on the horse, bite and drink blood are a major problem. One way to deal with the flies is a head mask that protects the muzzle and ears. As technology advances, these also include masks that protect against harmful UV rays.

The mask should be breathable and comfortable for the horse so that it can enjoy an entire day outdoors undisturbed.

Busse horse fly mask with fringes
Busse horse fly mask with fringes

1. Busse Fransen fringed nose fly mask

The mask provides the ultimate comfort and protection so that you no longer have to worry about your horse getting bites around its eyes or nose.

The ear part and fluttering fringe on the nose effectively protect the horse and keep insects away from its skin, so that it can enjoy the time spent outside.

The mask is available in several sizes, and the wide adjustment makes it easy to fit the mask on every horse.

The material of which the mask is made is soft and breathable, so we can be sure it will not cause any abrasions or injuries.

Cashel ear na nose horse fly mask
Cashel ear na nose horse fly mask

2. Cashel ear and nose fly mask

In addition to protecting the eyes and ears, this model also provides nose protection. The entire mask is sewn from a durable nylon mesh, which provides approximately 70% protection against the harmful UV rays.

The mask comes in a number of sizes, and the fasteners allow for further adjustment. The material is very soft, properly breathable and adapts to the horse’s head.

UV protection is particularly important for gray horses, which can get sunburned if the sun is too strong. Wearing a mask with UV protection can eliminate the problem of sunburn in sensitive horses.

The mask is available in several sizes ranging from those for ponies to those for very large horses.

Waldhausen standard anti insect mask

3. Waldhausen standard anti insect mask

The mask is made of mesh and elastic material, which provide maximum comfort. The mesh is transparent so that the horse is able to see the surroundings. An elastic insert ensures a perfect fit to the horse’s head.

This model is available in a number of sizes, and additional inserts and Velcro closure make it possible to fit the mask to any horse’s head and ensure that it will not fall off.

One advantage of the mask is protection against UV rays, so it is a great choice for both gray and sensitive horses, as well as those spending most of the day outdoors.

Waldhausen regular anti-insect mask
Waldhausen anti-fly mesh mask for horse

4. Waldhausen regular insect mask

The mask was designed and sewn to be fully comfortable and indiscernible while riding.

The translucent mesh protects the muzzle and eyes against flies, while at the same time it is transparent enough for the horse to see its surroundings.

The manufacturer has thought through the design of the mask and came up with a great combination of an insect mask and a fly hat.

The mask is very comfortable for the horse, almost imperceptible while riding. It is recommended especially for field trips.

The mask material provides UV protection.

Cashel insect mask with ear part
Cashel insect mask with ear part

5. Cashel insect mask with ears

This is one of the best fly masks available on the market! It offers a snug fit, comfort and proper air circulation, all at a very affordable price.

The mask does not disturb visibility, so it is also a good choice for training or trail riding.

The downside of the mask is the lack of a protective part for the muzzle and the absence of Velcro fastener for better adjustment. The mask is pull-on, so it can be difficult to put on, however, there is the certainty that the horse will not pull it off during its stay in the paddock.


When choosing an insect mask for your horse, consider the purpose of the mask and your horse’s needs.

If you want to protect the horse while riding out in the field, choose from models for riding, which are comfortable and semi-transparent so that the horse is able to clearly see its surroundings. If your horse is particularly sensitive, take a look at models that additionally provide UV protection.

Don’t forget about proper hygiene and wash the mask often so that flies are not attracted to the intense smell. If the mask is damaged in any way, don’t use it, as it can slip off during the ride and lead to a dangerous situation.