There are many sprays and products against insects available on the market. However, the most popular solutions are fly rugs and masks that cover those vulnerable areas of a horse.

It is a clever idea to purchase two fly rugs right away; the other rug will come in handy when one is in the washing or has been destroyed.

Horze Freja fly rug

1. Horze Freja fly rug

If you are looking for full protection for your horse, then look no further – this rug is for you. Aside from many advantages and features this rug is offered at a low bargain price. Despite its price, the rug’s quality doesn’t differ from other more expensive options. It is made of breathable material and provides protection from UV radiation (UPF 50+). Thanks to those features, you don’t have to worry about your horse getting sunburned, bitten by insects or getting skin infections.

Thanks to the mesh texture – you don’t have to worry about whether your horse is able to see clearly from under its collar. It is definitely one of the best choices.

Busse Stripe Plus fly rug

2. Busse Stripe Plus transport fly sheet

Classic model of fly rug available in sizes between 115 and 165 cm, so you will certainly find the right fit for your horse.

This rug covers a big part of a horse’s body, so flies are successfully repelled. The hood fastens to the halter for extra protection, and the whole thing is breathable and comfortable for the horse. The rug is thoughtfully designed so that it does not restrict the horse’s movements. There are no seams on the back, and there is a soft insert in the withers area, so we can be sure that the horse will not bruise in those sensitive places.

This rug is safe to use all year round.

Temperst Shires Original Fly Rug
Temperst Shires Original Fly Rug

3. Temperst Shires Original fly rug

This nylon rug is extremely comfortable for a horse, and durable. Additionally, it provides excellent protection from the Sun – blocking up to 90% of UV radiation.

The rug’s material is very light, so it doesn’t irritate the sensitive areas on the neck and behind the horse’s ears and provides the animal with full freedom of movement.

Busse Zebra fly rug

4. Busse Zebra fly rug

This horse rug is made of breathable material, so it is comfortable for the horse and does not cause any chafing, even when worn for a long time. What’s more, the zebra pattern on the material further confuses insects and protects the horse from them.

The rug features a detachable hood, so you can adjust it to your needs. There is an additional flap on the back, which provides your horse with additional protection.

You can find this rug in sizes from 115 to 165 cm.

Shires Tempest Original Summer Fly Rug for horse
Shires Tempest Original Summer fly rug for horse

5. Fly rug Shires Tempest Original Summer

Another great rug at a low price. This rug is available in all sizes and covers the horse’s muzzle, neck and body. The rug’s unique material has elastic properties, and its durability is at the highest level.

Thanks to that, the horse can wear a comfortable, breathable and durable rug. Additionally, the rug provides protection from UV radiation.

When choosing this rug, you don’t need to worry about the sizing; this rug is available in pony to x-full size.

It’s a great choice for horses with sensitive skin and tendencies to sunburns. This rug can be worn all the time, even when the horse is being ridden. The rug’s buckles secure it perfectly, so the rug doesn’t slide off either during ride or when horse is turned-out.

This rug has been made of expensive, professional and durable materials so its price is a bit higher.


If you want to provide your horse with the best care possible, then consider purchasing a fly rug for the summer that will protect your horse from insects or a cooler rug, which will prevent your horse from getting overheated. Remember that insects are carriers of dangerous bacteria and diseases; that is why protecting your horse against them is so crucial.

The choice between purchasing protective products for your horse and costly vet visits or medicine is obvious. But the choice is yours. Get one of the fly rugs mentioned above and you will not be disappointed.