There are various types of horse cooler rugs that are widely used by riders and riding instructors. On the market, you can find a growing number of models that are made of different materials, and each of them has slightly different properties. In order to choose the best model for your horse, it would be best to try out each and every variant, but this is not always possible. Take a look at the text below and find the best option for you.

What are cooler rugs used for?

A cooler rug is primarily used after intense training to bring the horse’s body temperature back to its normal levels. However, the rug can be used in several other ways, including using it on a clipped horse to prevent it from getting cold when it is wet.

At first, cooler rugs were rectangular wool blankets fastened only at the front, but because of this shape and material – the rugs would easily twist, which was not very comfortable and led to dangerous situations.

After a few years, cooler rugs look completely different and fulfill their purpose perfectly. Most of them are made of wool and other high quality materials, which have excellent water absorbing properties and effectively restore the horse’s body temperature.

A little tip for anyone looking for the perfect rug for their horse – remember to choose the right thickness and density of the material to ensure that the chosen product works most effectively.

The best horse cooler rugs

Waldhausen cooler rug

1. Waldhausen cooler rug

This is a very versatile item, which will prove useful when traveling (e.g., to riding competition) as well as for everyday use.

The rug is very well-shaped, making it fit your horse perfectly. This model will be truly comfortable for your horse, as it has a soft and comfortable front flap closure.

In the back of the rug there is a place where you can embroider your stable’s logo or sponsor’s emblem.

Thermatex Duet cooling rug
Thermatex Duet cooling horse rug

2. Thermatex Duet cooler rug

The rug is made of SHR material, which stretches over the horse’s back and wicks moisture away. The most important thing is the quick removal of moisture from the surface of the horse’s coat, which the blanket handles very well, and then its evaporation.

The lower part of the rug is made of light TKCS material. The Thermatex Duet rug is made of two materials to best maintain the horse’s body temperature and to ensure adequate airflow to all parts of the animal’s body.

The properties of the rug allow for it to be used for most of the year; from spring to autumn.

It is not the cheapest option, however, those who decided to buy it have no complaints whatsoever, so surely the product is worth the money.

The rug does a great job in regulating the horse’s body temperature during both warm and cold days. It wicks moisture away from your horse as needed on a cooler day and provides great airflow during the warmer months.

The rug perfectly regulates the horse’s body temperature, so by buying one product you get a high quality item for most of the year. What is more, it is certain that this is a long-term investment, making the rug well worth every penny.

Bucas Power cooler rug
Bucas Power cooler rug

3. Bucas Power cooler rug

Just like the previous product, the Bucas rug is very versatile, made of breathable and lightweight material.

Thanks to its properties, this item can be used both as a cooling and a travel rug, stable one or for competitions.

The rug’s material stays dry, making it a good choice for wicking moisture and sweat away from the horse’s coat. It is available with a neck hood or in a regular version.

The rug can be washed safely in a washing machine.

This product is certainly multi-purpose, comfortable for the horse, plus lightweight and easy to put on. After pulling the rug off the horse, a nice silky smoothness is left on the coat.

Eskadron fleece sweat rug

4. Eskadron horse sweat rug

It is a mid-priced product, so most riders can afford it. It has excellent moisture wicking properties, which is crucial especially after an intense training or a bath.

The rug is comfortable for the horse, and its intriguing design and features make it suitable for traveling.

With an eye-catching fastening under the tail and decorative piping, the rug derby looks pretty classy, making it a good choice for competitions.

These advantages make it a versatile and affordable choice for most customers.

Masta Coolmasta horse rug
Masta Coolmasta horse rug

5. Masta Coolmasta horse rug

We would like to present Masta Coolmasta – the ultimate everyday rug for a slightly higher price. The rug is made of breathable, moisture-wicking and comfortable material. It is very easy and quick to put on and the Velcro fasteners are very convenient to use.

For many users, it is the Velcro fasteners that are this product’s biggest selling point, as it is convenient when you need to get the rug on or off quickly.

This is a good rug for a very reasonable price and is worth considering the purchase.

Busse Summer-Fly II cooler rug

6. Busse Summer-Fly II horse cooler rug

This rug is simply amazing – the horse feels very comfortable in it, it is very well-fitted and the animals feel relaxed wearing it.

Just like the aforementioned rugs, this model wicks away moisture very well and is ideal for travel.

It can be quite challenging to find the right size for your horse, but riders greatly appreciate the relaxing properties of this rug and do not disregard this model.

The rug is just perfect for summer! The mesh design makes it breathable and comfortable for your horse in the hot season.

LeMieux Carbon cooler horse rug
LeMieux Carbon cooling horse blanket

7. LeMieux Carbon cooler rug

Yet another product on the list at a fairly low and reasonable price. It is a comfortable training rug to put on before and after riding – it ensures the right body temperature for the horse when it is warming up or resting after training.

It is stylish and lightweight, however, it may not keep your horse warm as well as the other models mentioned.

It has a slim fit, so those who value the appearance should put this model on their must-have list!

Shires Tempest Jersey cooler rug
Shires Tempest Jersey cooler rug

8. Shires Tempest Jersey cooler rug

This product is often unavailable, as due to the fact that it is convenient and affordable, people are very eager to buy it.

The rug is soft and has properties that minimize the build-up of dirt on the horse’s coat.

The chest closure is extra lined for the animal’s comfort.

Choosing the size should be relatively easy, as this model comes in 5 different sizes.

The majority of the reviews for this product are positive, and another advantage is that it can be safely washed in a washing machine.


These are all the things you need to know before you buy a cooler rug for your horse. Each of the mentioned products are tested and safe to use.