A halter is one of the basic and most important tacks any horse owner needs. Even though the market is swarmed with various halters, not all products are worth spending money on. 

Top 5 halters for horses 

Prestige Italia E53 horse halter
Prestige Italia E53 horse halter

1. Leather halter E53 Prestige Italia

Adjustable leather halter, that is extremely comfortable for a horse thanks to additional soft padding added on poll and nose parts. This soft padding also protects a horse from getting bald spots. 

The halter has been decorated with fine and elegant stitching; this makes the halter a perfect choice for a competition of shows – it looks very luxurious. 

The halter is made from very high-quality leather, so with adequate care, it will last for a long time. 


  • Available in black or brown color
  • Easy to put on and adjust 
  • Equipped with Soft padding 
  • Durable


  • Requires regular preservation
Derby Original leather horse halter
Derby Original leather horse halter

2. Leather halter with triple stitching Derby Originals

Another product worth mentioning is a halter from the Derby Originals English Opulence series. This halter is adjustable in two places: on the nose and the poll. Thanks to this feature, the halter will fit all types of horse’s head. 

The fittings are made of stainless steel; this ensures that the halter will last for a long time.

Thanks to the triple stitching, the leather is even more durable. You won’t see any rips after several uses. 


  • Very adjustable 
  • Durable
  • Rust resistant 
  • Good value for money 


  • Requires regular preservation
Eskadron Sheepskin horse halter
Eskadron Classic halter with sheepskin

3. Halter with sheep wool Eskadron

This halter is made of durable webbing tape and is additionally lined with lambskin on poll and nose parts. 

The webbing tape is abrasion-resistant and doesn’t tear. The fittings are nickel-plated, which prevents them from rusting. Thanks to those features, the halter will last a very long time. 

This halter is suitable for sensitive and prone to abrasion horses. The lambskin will protect the horse’s most sensitive areas. 

This halter is available in four sizes. Additionally, the poll and nose parts are adjustable, so the halter will fit all horses: from small ponies to big workhorses. 


  • Equipped with Lambskin padding 
  • A vast range of adjustability and sizes
  • Available in various colors
  • Durable


  • The lambskin padding requires extra care 
Kingsland Top Notch nylon horse halter
Kingsland Top Notch nylon horse halter

4. Adjustable nylon halter Kingsland Top Notch

This good-quality halter is made of durable nylon. This halter model is good for everyday use, thanks to soft padding added on poll and nose parts, which prevents abrasions, even during long wear. 

This halter is minimalistic, without extra decorations. Only on the side of the halter, there is a producer’s logo. 

This halter is available in three sizes: pony, cob and full. Additionally, the poll part is adjustable.


  • Soft padding
  • Durable material 
  • Minimalistic design 


  • Not adjustable in the nose area
Knotty Girlz rope horse halter
Knotty Girlz rope horse halter

5. Rope halter for working with a horse Knotty Girlz

This halter is intended for groundwork and riding. It is made of rope resistant to dirt and weather conditions. Thanks to four knots, it can be adjusted to every horse. 

Thanks to its features, it’s the best halter for working with a horse. 

The polyester rope is abrasion-resistant and doesn’t fray. Additionally, it is safe to wash in a washing machine. 

This halter is available in many colors, so you will find one you like with no problem. 

Remember to not leave your horse in this halter without supervision: don’t turn your horse out, don’t put your horse in a stall, or tie your horse in this halter. It can lead to a serious accident; this halter will not break if the horse pulls or catches onto something. 


  • It can be washed in a washing machine
  • Doesn’t require any preservation 
  • Durable 


  • It can lead to accidents when used by an inexperienced person 

What halter will be the best for your horse?

Halters are offered in various types, materials and styles. 

Rope halters

Those halters are made of rope (the thinner the rope, the greater the pressure on the horse’s nose) and tied into knots in strategic places (on the nose and behind the jaws). 

Beginner riders shouldn’t put on this type of halter because they might hurt the horse. 

Rope halters don’t have any kind of metal elements, so they are practically impossible to break. Additionally, they add pressure to a horse’s nose and head nerves. That is why you should never tie or turn your horse out in this halter. 

Rope halters are designed for riding and groundwork. 

Leather halters

Leather halters are one of the most popular due to their durability and quality. Unfortunately, they are one of the most expensive options. 

They are perfectly safe for horses; in case of emergency, the halter will simply unclip itself. Correctly preserved and taken care of leather halters will last many years. Thanks to their very elegant looks, they are perfect for competitions. 

Nylon halters

One of the most popular options among horse owners. Nylon tape is extremely durable, so those types of halters are not ones to break easily. Additionally, they are very cheap thanks to the nylon material. The pricing starts from a few pounds only.

If your horse is anxious when tied, it is better not to leave him without supervision in a nylon halter; those halters are not easy to break or unclip during emergencies. 


How to choose a suitable halter? 

Firstly, you need to consider for what purpose you need the halter and what features it needs to have. Before purchasing, you should get accustomed to halter sizes available in task stores. Halter is pony size is intended for ponies, cob size is for medium size horses, whereas the full size is intended for big horses. 

Additionally, you can come across sizes such as foal – for foals, Shetty – for miniature ponies, (e.g., Shetland ponies) and x-full – for very big horses. 

How to take care of a leather halter? 

To protect the halter’s leather from tears and losing its features, you need to regularly clean it with a suitable leather preparation and then lubricate it with grease or maintenance oil.

Are rope halters dangerous? 

Yes, if used by inexperienced people or on horses left without supervision. The rope won’t break in case of dangerous situations and the knots put pressure on the horse’s facial nerves. If you don’t have experience with those types of halters, ask your rider instructor for help. 

Is size important? 

Of course! Too small or too big halter won’t serve its purpose and you won’t be able to use it properly. 

When choosing a halter, take into consideration its size and adjustability. Thanks to those features the new halter will fit your horse without a problem. 


It is well worth investing in a good quality halter that will be durable, perfectly fitted for your horse and will meet your expectations regarding purpose and quality