Proper grooming of a horse consists of many steps that are time-consuming, but the results you get are well worth the effort. A shiny coat, clean hooves and a combed mane and tail blowing in the wind is the best sight for the horse owner. Whether recreational or sport horse, each should be properly groomed and prepared for work.

What to consider when buying brushes for a horse?


Combs that have shaped or rubber handles are much more convenient to use. People often clean horses while wearing gloves or having dirty and sweaty hands, so it is important that the chosen kit is practical to use.

Number of products included in the set

Make sure that the set you buy is complete. It may happen that a set with 10 items does not include the basic brushes and we are unable to fully clean the horse.

Storage container

The best grooming kit will be one that comes with a bag or other storage container. A spacious bag with extra pockets is the best choice, as there is a possibility to store additional supplies and even a riding helmet in it.


If the set you choose is to be a gift for a child, go for smaller brushes, which will be more convenient for the youngster to clean the horse with. Colorful sets will work best as a gift.

The best horse grooming sets

Horze Deluxe wooden horse grooming kit

Horze Deluxe wooden brush set

The grooming kit from Horze is equipped with a smart, tear-resistant, black bag. Thanks to additional pockets, the bag is very spacious.

The brushes have a wooden handle, which makes them more durable and environmentally friendly.

The brushes are of high quality, they clean the horse very well, and the whole thing looks quite exclusive, making it a great gift idea.


  • Wooden handles
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Durability


  • Lack of sweat scraper in the set
Oster Equine Care grooming kit

Oster Equine Care horse grooming kit

The Oster set consists of 7 elements and is a great choice for beginners. The set includes two soft coat brushes, a massage brush, a mane and tail brush, a hoofpick, a face brush and a comb. The whole set comes in a convenient bag, with which it is easy to stay organized. What’s more, the bag can be easily transported thanks to its convenient handle.

Rubber handles ensure a comfortable grip even with sweaty hands or when wearing gloves. The brushes are suitable for children as well.

The kit is available in blue and pink.


  • Convenient compartments in the bag
  • Comfortable handles
  • Includes basic tools


  • Curry comb not included
  • Greater amounts of dirt may be a problem
Equestria 8-piece horse grooming set

Equestria 8-piece grooming set

If you need a full grooming kit, this set by Equestria has it all. Included in the kit you’ll find: a hoofpick, soft and tough bristle brushes, a mane and tail brush and comb, and a sweat scraper.

The bag, which is a part of the kit, is incredibly spacious and allows you to store additional grooming products. The set is available in a number of colors and will work great as a gift for children, too.


  • Capacious bag
  • Many brushes to choose from
  • Perfect for children


  • Massage brush not included
Weaver horse grooming brush set

Weaver horse grooming brush set

This set has 7 pieces packed in a nylon bag that are essential for horse grooming. You will find there: a soft head brush, a mane and tail brush, a curry comb, a brush, a hoofpick, a massage brush and a soft coat brush. The whole thing is well protected in a drawstring bag.

Moreover, for extra convenience, the bag has a shoulder strap for easy carrying. Additional pockets allow you to store other grooming products or mane and tail rubber bands.


  • Features as many as 6 additional pockets
  • Full care kit
  • Durable material
  • Shoulder strap


  • The hoofpick may not be sturdy enough
Harrison Howard 9-piece horse grooming kit

Harrison Howard 9-piece grooming kit

This extensive grooming kit includes a soft head brush, a massage brush, soft brushes with long and short bristles, a curry comb, a sweat scraper, a hoofpick, a mane and tail brush, a regular comb and a foldable storage bucket.

The bucket is perfect for travel, it is durable and roomy.

The brushes are nice for the horse and comfortable to use, as they have rubber and shaped handles that help hold them when, for instance, wearing gloves.


  • Convenient rubber handles
  • Extensive set
  • Folding bucket


  • Quite expensive
Tough 1 horse grooming kit

Tough 1 grooming set

The set is available in 6 different colors: purple, pink, neon green, red, green, and blue. It features 7 different brushes and is a great gift idea for a child.

The brushes come in a durable nylon bag. Inside you’ll find a hoofpick, a mane and tail brush, a curry comb, a brush, two soft coat brushes and a sweat scraper.

You can easily keep the bag organized, as it has compartments where you can store the brushes. Due to the material of the brushes, the set is slightly cheaper and may be not as durable.


  • Great for beginners or for riding schools
  • Compartments in the bag to stay organized
  • Fair price


  • Rather poor design
  • Brushes and bag may not be particularly durable
Yosoo horse grooming kit

Yosoo horse grooming kit

A very rich grooming set with as many as 10 items! In the package you will find: a sweat scraper, a regular brush, a hoofpick, 2 soft brushes, 3 different combs and a metal comb for cleaning the dust from the other brushes.

The brushes are made of silicone and wood – the silicone improves the grip and prevents the brushes from falling out of your hand even when wearing gloves.

Due to the rather small size of the brushes, this is more of a set designed for children and ponies.


  • Comfortable handles
  • Ideal for children
  • Should be enough even for two people


  • There is no storage bag included
  • For adults, the brushes might be too small
Tough 1 6-piece brush set

Tough 1 6-piece brush set

Another very good product for beginners and non-demanding riders is the Tough 1 brush set, which contains 6 elements and is available in two colors (black and pink).

It comes with a bag with pockets that helps keep everything neat and tidy and allows you to store extra brushes, grooming products or other small items. The bag is zippered and has handles on the sides for easy carrying and transporting of the brushes. The set includes a hoofpick, a mane and tail brush, a brush, a curry comb and two soft brushes. The brushes are very comfortable to use thanks to the specially shaped handles.


  • A useful bag included
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Capacity


  • Bristle brushes may prove to be too stiff


A good grooming kit for your horse is a key component of horse care. Thorough cleaning should be done before each horse ride or other type of work, so that the animal does not get chafed. The better brushes you purchase, the more enjoyable and effective cleaning your horse will be. Remember to use the brushes according to their purpose so that grooming is enjoyable for your horse.