Proper care is one of the main keys to maintaining your horse’s health and body homeostasis. It’s therefore important to make sure a horse is always cleaned and cared for before a ride. 

How to choose the best shampoo and conditioner for your horse?

Regular baths and the use of conditioners ensure the good condition and cleanliness of your horse’s coat. It’s important to use products with rich composition to make sure both hair and skin are getting nourished. Don’t buy the first conditioner you see. It’s a better idea to check out available products to choose the best one for your horse. 

These are a few factors that are worth considering when choosing shampoo or conditioner for a horse. 


Don’t buy expensive shampoos or conditioners assuming they will have a rich composition. Before getting a product check the composition and see if it contains the ingredients, you are looking for. 


The horses’ skin is quite sensitive, so it’s best to choose a product specifically designed for them. This ensures that no ingredient in the product will irritate the skin. Some horses can be especially sensitive to caring products, so if you notice any kind of skin irritation or itchiness, you should immediately stop using that product. 

It’s important to pay attention to the product’s composition, to ensure that all ingredients are natural; natural ingredients are gentle and don’t damage the natural protective barrier of the skin.

Medical properties 

Some horses have a problem with dandruff, skin itching, or other skin problems (e.g., fungal infections). If your horse is battling one of these problems, then look for medicated shampoos and conditioners, which will help with those problems and strengthen the hair cells. 

Types of shampoos and conditioners for horses

  • For everyday use – standard caring products that leave the coat shiny, create a protective barrier and ensure basic care and good condition of the hair. 
  • For medical purposes – if your horse is battling with fungal infection or dandruff then get a medicated shampoo or conditioner with special ingredients that will help fight the disease. 

Cleaning a horse isn’t always an easy task. Mud, grass, sand, and other types of dirt have a way of getting deep underneath the horse’s fur. It’s often impossible to clean it with normal brushes. Sometimes the only solution is to bathe the horse. Check out our list of shampoos and conditioners to make your horse squeaky clean and happy. 

1. Miracle Groom Absorbine

Absorbine Miracle Groom is a special product for coats that nourishes and cares for horses’ hair. It also makes combing the hair easier. 

This product gives a special shine to the horse’s coat and at the same time (with regular use) draws out the natural color of the hair. This is a great option for owners that have black and dark-bay horses whose coats may fade in the summer from the sun’s rays.

It’s a product designed to wash horses but can also be used without water, which makes it a great choice to use during winter and other colder months. 

The product thoroughly cleans any dirt and doesn’t leave greasy stains, so you can be sure your equipment won’t get damaged after having contact with the hair. 


  • Convenient bottle with atomizer
  • Doesn’t need to be rinsed
  • Draws out the natural color of the hair


  • Expensive

2. Keratin Horse Bath Black Horse

This shampoo’s composition has been enriched with keratin, which supports the reconstruction of the hair, improves its condition and repairs the structure of weak hairs. The shampoo also makes the coat soft and shiny.

This shampoo is designed to be used on the whole horse’s body as well as on the mane and tail. The shampoo’s composition, besides keratin, includes ingredients that protect the horse against harmful UV radiation, as well as other dangerous external factors.

When used regularly, this shampoo ensures that the horse’s coat stays healthy and shiny. 


  • Good price 
  • Rich composition 
  • Efficient 


  • Needs to be used with water

3. Anti-dandruff spray Sanix Veredus

If your horse has a problem with itchy skin, there is noticeable dandruff on its coat and visible hair loss on its tail and mane then you should get the Anti-dandruff spray Sanix Veredus. 

This spray prevents itching and effectively combats dandruff. Thanks to its special components, the product stops the feeling of itching, and thus – the horse will stop rubbing its mane and tail against the wall of the stall or other elements.

Additionally, the composition has been enriched with nourishing ingredients that strengthen the condition of the hair roots (both biological and hygienic), which makes them grow back stronger and healthier.


  • Prevents skin itching 
  • Combats dandruff
  • Strengthens hair roots


  • Expensive 

4. Preparation for tail and mane Showsheen Absorbine

This conditioner is intended to be used on the tail and mane but will also give great results when used on the coat. This carefully crafted formula will effectively care for the hair and leave it shiny. Additionally, it makes combing the hair easier and creates a protective barrier that prevents dust and other dirt from sticking to the horse’s hair.

Thanks to the protective barrier, cleaning a horse is much easier and combing the hair much faster because there aren’t any tangles. 

It’s a great idea to clean a horse with this conditioner before a competition because it will leave the coat looking healthy and extra shiny. 


  • Convenient bottle with atomizer
  • Rich composition
  • Effectively nourishes the horse’s coat and hair


  • Expensive 
  • Doesn’t penetrate deep into the hair

5. Shampoo Sheen Veredus

 Sheen Veredus shampoo thoroughly cleans the horse’s skin and hair, and its formula lasts up to two weeks after application. Thanks to the shampoo ingredients, the horse’s coat is left shiny, soft and silky to the touch while the skin is left fully nourished. After using this shampoo on the tail and mane, the hair doesn’t get tangled, which makes the combing easier, and less hair is pulled out. 

The shampoo, besides having nourishing and shining effects on the hair and skin, creates a protective barrier that prevents dirt (such as dust, mud, or grass) from sticking.

After using this shampoo, cleaning and caring for a horse is faster and more pleasant. If sued regularly, the shampoo leaves the skin fully nourished. 


  • Good price
  • Creates a protective barrier on the coat
  • Prevents the hair from getting tangled 


  • Requires the use of water 


Can humans use horse shampoo?

Theoretically yes. Horse skin is more sensitive than human skin, so using a product designed for animals shouldn’t cause any harm. However, the structure of horses’ and human hair are drastically different so the product might not give the best effect. 

What is a horse conditioner?

Conditioner cares for horse’s coat, leaves it shiny and creates a protective barrier, which prevents dust and dirt from sticking to it. Thanks to conditioners, tail and mane don’t tangle and combing through them is much easier. 

Is it worth buying fragrant horse shampoo?

It all depends on your preferences. Your horse won’t care about the smell of the shampoo that you’re using. However, always check the fragrant ingredients to make sure they won’t irritate your horse. 

How often should I bathe my horse?

Frequent baths for your horse are not recommended, because by doing so, you might disturb the natural protective layer of the horse’s skin which can lead to irritation. You should only bathe your horse when it’s extremely dirty. If you’re using a medicated shampoo, then follow the recommendations and instructions on the label.


Cleaning your horse can be time-consuming, but you can make it much easier by using good shampoos and conditioners, which will care for your horse’s coat and make it easier to clean in the future.