Lick stones are a great way to give a horse some entertainment in a stall or out on a pasture and additionally supplement the minerals and vitamins necessary in the horse’s diet. The best lick stone seems to be a normal salt lick, which a horse can use anytime to supplement salt and minerals in its diet.

Salt deficiency can lead to electrolyte imbalance, which occurs primarily during the hot months when horses sweat more frequently. 

What should you consider before buying a lick stone for your horse? 

There are a couple of factors that you should take into consideration to buy a product best suited for your needs. 

  1. The weight of the product – if you want to hang the lick stone in a common shed you should buy a bigger type. This way your horse will have easy access to it. 
  2. Durability – the type of lick stone that is hung in a stall should resist biting and crushing. If you want to use the lick stone as a treat or during cleaning your horse when the horse is under control, you can use a less durable type. 
  3. Natural list of ingredients – choose a product that contains simple and natural ingredients to ensure that your horse stays healthy. 
  4. Installation – consider where and how you want to hang the lick stone. In a stall, a more convenient solution is to use a lick stone with a string attached to it. This way you can hang it anywhere you like. 
Horslyx mini licks for horses
Horslyx mini horse licks

1. Lick in a box Horslyx

Horslyx licks are available in various versions, each one contains different nutrients; therefore, they can provide the nutritional values necessary for many diseases. You can find licks designated to support the horse’s motion, digestive, respiratory or digestive systems. 

These licks are available in a few different sizes and sold in a closed plastic container, which makes them impossible to hang in a stall. This lick is best used as a reward instead of treats or during cleaning when you keep full supervision on a horse. 

Horses often break these licks, and their formula is sticky. 


  • Includes natural salt from the Himalayas
  • Resistant to weather conditions and damage
  • Suitable for horses for sheds or pastures


  • Can’t be hung up 
Salt lick for horse on a rope
Salt lick for horse on a rope

2. Salt lick on a line to hang in a stall

Himalayan salt lick is made from 100% natural salt extracted from the Himalayas. Therefore, you can be sure that there are no synthetic ingredients in this product. 

The salt lick is resistant to horse bites and weather conditions such as rain or snow. The salt is firm, does not fall apart or crumble and lasts for a long time. 

Added line allows you to hang the salt lick in a stall, pasture, or trailer. This solution allows a horse to have unlimited access to the salt lick. 


  • The included line is safe for horses
  • Natural Himalayan salt 
  • Resistant to weather conditions and damage 


  • The line included is not very long, so hanging it in some hard-to-reach places might be difficult
Lickit Granola horse lick
Multigrain lick with Granola made by Lickit

3. Lick stone Likit Granola

This lick can be hung on a line or mounted on the stall wall. The ingredients include nutritious grains liked by horses, among others: corn, barley, oats and wheat. Everything is covered and combined with a sweet jam.

This lick is not very big, but when it’s hung, it can be tricky for a horse to eat so it will last for some time. It brings great entertainment for a horse and is recommended for those that spend a long time in a stall. 

The entire set should be composed separately, and then the lick should be supplemented with additional inserts.


  • Gives a horse entertainment 
  • Tasty
  • Natural ingredients
  • Hard to eat 


  • The set needs to be composed separately
Likit Himalayan Rock Salt

4. Himalayan salt block Likit

If you need a bigger salt lick to put in a stall or a pasture, then consider getting a salt block. 

Just as in the previous product, the salt used in this lick comes from the Himalayas, therefore you can be sure about the natural and simple ingredients. The block is quite compact, so a horse won’t be able to bite it and it won’t crumble. 

If you have more than one horse, then it’s a good idea to put this salt block in a pasture or a common shed, so they can use it together. 


  • Natural Himalayan salt
  • Resistant to weather conditions and damage
  • Ideal to put in a pasture or common shed 


  • Needs a special handle 
Bizzy lick stone
Bizzy lick refill kits in three flavours

5. Lick stone with a toy Bizzy Lick

This lick is available in the form of a roller, which should be mounted on a special stand. When licked, the roller spins, giving a horse entertainment for hours. 

This lick is designed for short periods of use, for example when cleaning a horse. It can be put on the ground or hung in a stall with a thick, durable line. You must compose the set separately. The casing of the toy can be easily supplemented with a new insert.

Bizzy lick is available in a few different flavors. Its formula and taste are very likable to horses. 


  • Contains valuable ingredients and minerals
  • Simple ingredient list
  • Tasty 


  • Cannot be installed in a box or in a pasture
  • Sticky and messy
  • Easy to bite and crumble formula


Lick stones, and especially the Himalayan salt they contain, are very beneficial for your horse as they provide a multitude of nutrients and minerals. Additionally, licking allows horses to pass the time. Remember to adjust supplements and feeds for your horse’s needs.