Horse riding is a sport for everyone, and beginner riders don’t need any special equipment. Soft leggings and sneakers are enough, whereas riding helmets are usually available at the horse riding school to borrow. However, the need to obtain more specialized equipment rises when a rider gains more skills. 

Horse riding boots are one of the most essential parts of every rider’s equipment. Those boots should reach above the ankle and be stiff (to protect the foot in case of getting stepped on by a horse). The best choices are leather and synthetic leather shoes; rubber boots are a bit worse. 

The sole of horse riding boots should be simple and leveled with a small heel. 


How to choose the best riding boots?

Firstly, you need to consider what kind of boots you are looking for. If you value comfort and lightweight shoes, then jodhpur boots will be the best choice (with additional chaps). However, if you want extra leg support then choose tall boots. 

You can choose boots made of leather, synthetic leather, or rubber. If you are looking for easy-to-care shoes, then synthetic leather is a perfect choice. However, boots made of leather will be the most durable and comfortable. 

Comfort should be your priority; choose boots that will be the easiest to put on and give the best wear for you. 

If you can’t decide on one model, then consider additional features such as a non-slip sole, shock-absorbing insole, or spur blocks. 

How to clean riding boots?

The care depends on the material the boots are made of. The most difficult care is needed for leather shoes. You need to carefully clean them with leather soap and then moisten them with a special oil or grease intended for leather. If you want to raise your boots’ water resistance, then you can spray them with a special product, which will provide them with a waterproof coating. 

Synthetic leather or rubber shoes don’t require any special care. They can be cleaned simply with a damp cloth. 

How to store riding boots?

Riding boots should be stored in a place where they won’t be exposed to sunlight. Keep your boots in a well-ventilated room, away from any heat source. 

If you are putting your leather boots away for some time, it is a good idea to coat them with a good quality care paste. This will ensure that the leather stays soft. 

These are our TOP 5 riding boots

Horze Kilkenny jodhpur boots
One of the most popular jodhpur boots among horse riders around the world

1. Jodhpur boots Horze Kilkenny

These boots are a great choice for people looking for short shoes made of synthetic leather, which doesn’t need any extra care. To clean the boots just use a damp cloth. Those boots don’t require any preservation with grease or leather oil.

The PU leather, which these boots are made of, is very soft to touch and has an elegant look. It’s also very resistant to both weather conditions and general use in the stable.

The boots have been decorated with an imitation of binding at the front and small stitching at the front of the upper. On the back, there are small blocks that are used to hold the spurs in place.

The boots are very comfortable and don’t require tying; the zippers at the back will secure the shoes perfectly. Additionally, to ensure the zipper won’t get unzipped, there is a snap closure. 

The elastic parts on the sides ensure the shoes will fully fit the rider’s leg. 


  • Elegant design
  • Easy care
  • Comfortable


  • Available only in one color
Hippica Easy Fit horse riding boots
Hippica Easy Fit tall boots for horse riding

2. Tall boots Hippica Easy Fit

Tall boots are high riding shoes that perfectly stabilize the rider’s leg in a saddle and protect it (e.g., from abrasions). 

These tall boots are made of cow leather, which is extremely soft and adapts to the leg. Additionally, the rubber part at the back enhances the perfect fit. Those features ensure an amazing comfort for the rider. 

The snap closure secures the zipper from getting undone. 

The sole is made of non-slip rubber, which stabilizes the leg in a stirrup. 


  • Perfectly fit the leg
  • Durable 
  • Possibility of personalization and tailoring


  • Requires care
Animo Italia horse riding tall boots Zodiac
Animo Italia Zodiac horse riding tall boots

3. Tall boots Animo Zodiac

These tall boots are a premium product, handmade from high-quality, extremely soft, and yet durable leather. 

The boots are very comfortable for the rider and don’t have any stitching in places where the leg touches a horse’s side. On the back, there are small blocks that are used to hold the spurs in place.

Due to the extremely soft leather, the boots don’t give the same leg support as other, more stiff boot models. 


  • Perfectly fit the leg
  • Durable 
  • Lightweight 


  • Available only in one color
  • Can be too soft
Sergio Grasso Palermo jodphbur boots
Sergio Grasso Palermo jodphbur boots

4. Jodhpur boots Sergio Grasso Palermo

If you are looking for short riding boots made of leather, then look no further. 

The boots are made of calfskin and have a rubber sole, which stabilizes the leg in a stirrup. The shoes also look quite elegant. Around the ankle, there is a rubber part, which allows for the boot to fit everyone. 

The boots don’t have any decorations, only on the front, there is textured leather. 

These shoes are very comfortable with a back zipper.


  • Perfectly fit the leg
  • Durable
  • Easy to put on


  • Available only in one color
Waldhausen horse riding Rubber Boots
Waldhausen Rubber riding Boots

5. Rubber boots Waldhausen

These tall rubber boots are a perfect choice for bad weather due to their waterproof and durable material. 

The sole is made of non-slip rubber, which stabilizes the leg in a stirrup. 

These boots are not intended for a higher level of riding; they don’t adapt to the leg or give any stabilization and support to it. 

They are a good choice for everyday chores and bad weather. Using these boots for horse riding might not give the best results. 


  • Easy care
  • Dirt and water-resistant 
  • Ideal for stable chores 


  • Not ideal for riding 
  • No ventilation during hot weather 


First and foremost, good riding boots will protect the leg from injury when getting stepped on by a horse. They should also stabilize the ankle (in the case of tall boots- the calf and ankle) when riding. 

Your needs determine what kind of boots you should choose. That’s why you should think hard about your expectations from the boots. When you figure it out, go and get yourself the dream pair of riding boots!