A good insect repellent for horses is a must-have during summer. A horse with bug bites will feel sore and itchy, so it’s best to reduce the number of bites by using different types of repellents.

Here’s our list of the best horse repellents that work against horseflies, blackflies, and many more.

Black Horse Fly Guard Spray

This product’s ingredients create a special composition of essential oils that effectively mask the smell of horse sweat. This prevents insects from being lured to the horse. The Fly Guard product is also available in gel form. In this form, the product is directly applied to the horse’s skin on the head or near the ears. It’s a great solution for horses that are fearful of sprays.

The tea tree oil additionally reduces itchiness, which is especially important for horses that like to scratch against trees or fences during their turnout. The product offers up to 8h of protection, so it’s worth applying the product before turnout and during a training session.

Horse FitForm

This product is a great choice for hot days, especially during that time of the day when insects are active the most. The lavender oil effectively repels mosquitoes, blackflies, botflies, and horseflies. The product doesn’t come in a spray form but it’s still easy to apply.

The natural ingredients also work against ticks, so it’s worth using the product before the horse’s turnout to protect your animals from insects hiding in the high grass. The Horse FitForm is a long-lasting product that doesn’t leave any greasy marks.

Over Horse Horsefly

The best repellents are a combination of extracts and essential oils, that’s why Over Horse Horsefly product is a great choice for horses that are susceptible to skin irritations and disorders.

The natural formula effectively protects the horse from insects, while one of the ingredients – glycerin – cares for the coat and insect bites. What’s more, it’s worth noting that the product is safe for foals.

The Over Horse Horsefly repellent spray supports your horse at any time of the day, during turnout and training sessions. The product effectively repels ticks, so your horse can freely graze even in high grass. The product offers up to 6h of protection, so it’s worth applying it in the morning before turnout and before a training session or trail ride.