Sports, as well as leisure horses, are in danger of getting insufficient amounts of nutrients (vitamins and minerals). Each vitamin is vital for proper body functions, nervous system function, and excellent quality teeth, coat, hoofs, etc. Vitamin deficiency can be dangerous to all horses but especially to those that are in regular training. 

What should you consider when buying supplements?

Before you buy supplements for your horse, there are a few things to consider that will help you make your decision:

  • Vet recommendations – if you are not sure which – or if any – vitamins your horse needs, then consult your veterinarian. It’s best to present them with up-to-date blood work results or do a complete test to determine whether your horse has any deficiencies.
  • Range of use – sport horses and those in regular training usually need different nutrients than breeding horses (pregnant mares and stallions) or horses on retirement. Before you choose a supplement for your horse, you should check all options available on the market. 
  • Content – before you get vitamins for your horse, you should familiarize yourself with dosing and the number of days needed to complete the treatment. Some supplements with lower effects need two packages to finish the whole treatment cycle. It’s best to choose concentrates that give the full treatment in one package in approximately 20-30 days. 
  • Age – If you have a foal or an older horse, then some of the supplements might not be suitable for it. And vice versa, some of the supplements are designed only for foals or senior horses. You should carefully read the producer’s instructions before feeding the product to your horse. 

If you want your horse to be in the best condition possible, then check out our list of supplements to increase your horse’s health. 

1. Over Horse vitamins in the form of a syrup 

This vitamin syrup from Over Horse is designed for sports horses in regular training. The composition includes vitamins, amino acids, and microelements that are valuable for the horse’s body and support it during hard training. 

This product lasts for around 20 days (dosage of 50ml per day) and the whole bottle should effectively replenish deficiencies caused by poor nutrition or the quality of the food given to a horse.

The composition includes saccharides, which give a horse extra energy and vitality. The product also includes a complete set of vitamins A, D3, E, and selenium, which positively impact the horse’s immune system – they strengthen it; additionally, in the event of injuries, they support the regeneration of the epithelium. Moreover, included in the composition zinc and biotin support the hoofs and the coat. The product also includes the most needed nutrient after intensive training – BCAA, which supports and accelerates the regeneration of tired muscles.

The liquid form of this product ensures that all nutrients are absorbed effectively. 


  • Rich composition 
  • The formula that allows easy absorption
  • Intensive treatment


  • The packaging is not convenient to use

2. Pavo Supplement Vital

Pavo vital are vitamins of natural origins, so they are safe for all horses regardless of their age or training intensity.

The composition includes vitamins and minerals that support the horse’s organism comprehensively. All the ingredients are of the highest quality – without GMO or synthetic additives. The taste is liked by horses, so they eat them eagerly. Thanks to the use of Intellibond® trace elements, vitamins are broken down and released only in the stomach.

The composition has only small amounts of carbohydrates and sugars, which is very important in a horse’s diet. 


  • Supplement in the form of a pellet 
  • Natural ingredients
  • Taste likable by horses


  • Big and heavy packaging 

3. Advanced body support – vitamins Progressive Nutrition

Vitamins Top Line Advanced Support is a great choice for horse owners that are looking for complete support for their horses. What’s more, this product is not only designed for sports horses but also for those that are not in regular or extensive training.

The composition is rich in amino acids, which regulate metabolism and in consequence regulate the horse’s weight and allow for better absorption of the feed. No matter if you own sport, recreational, old or young horses, you can use this product for all. These vitamins are safe for every horse. The treatment should last approximately 30 days.

This supplement supports the horse’s back and improves its condition. That’s why it’s a great choice for owners that have a hard time fitting a saddle. Additionally, this supplement used regularly will improve the horse’s performance and fitness and included amino acids that will improve the condition of the skin and coat. 


  • Regulates horse’s weight
  • Can be given to all horses
  • Rich composition


  • Long wait to see the effects
  • Some horses might not like the taste

4. Horse Health Joint Combo 3 in 1

Vitamins Horse Health is a complete set of vitamins that positively affect not only joints but also the condition of hoofs and coat. 

The composition contains glucosamine hydrochloride and chondroitin sulfate, which effectively support the horse’s joints. Additionally, the product contains vitamin C and MSM, which increases the horse’s immunity. The product is also rich in biotin, a nutrient that is very valuable to the horse’s body, which strengthens hoofs and cares for the horse’s coat from “within”. The coat condition is also supported by omega acids, which give it a shiny and healthy look. 

These vitamins are available in the form of pellets. 


  • Rich composition 
  • Complete body support
  • Taste and smell liked by horses


  • Expensive

5. Powdered supplement Kentucky Performance

This supplement is ideal for horses that have vitamin E deficiency. Similarly, to the product mentioned above, these vitamins can be given to all horses, regardless of their age or fitness. The powdered formula is highly digestible. The composition includes only vitamin E, so if you want to supplement any other nutrient, then you should choose another product. 

Additionally, this supplement includes a natural vitamin E (natural vitamin has a much stronger effect than synthetic one) so you should dose it in accordance with the producer’s instructions to avoid overdosing. It is in fact a vitamin E concentrate, which has a great effect on the horse’s musculoskeletal system, the development and regeneration of the coat as well as the overall condition of the skin and coat.


  • Vitamin E concentrate 
  • Highly digestible 
  • Great effect on the horse’s body


  • Expensive 
  • Long wait to see the effects


You should regularly check your horse’s health by performing periodic full body and blood tests. Results from those tests will give a clear picture of your horse’s health and possible deficiencies (sometimes even a surplus of some component). Do not supplement your horse unless you are instructed to do so. Remember that a vitamin deficiency is as dangerous as an excess of them.