Late spring and early summer are the best times to better your riding skills. Horses enjoy this weather as well; they feel a fresh breeze while their backs are warmed by the pleasant but hot sunlight. It’s also the turnout season, so our horses can relish the fresh grass and taste blooming trees. However, this idyllic time doesn’t mean we can leave our horses without protection.

Horse flies, mosquitoes and other insects disrupt this pleasant time and suck the blood of our beloved animals. Moreover, those insects can transmit dangerous diseases. That’s why extra protection is extremely important during this time.

Check out the insect repellents available and choose one for your horse.

What should you consider when choosing an insect repellent?

As you can notice, the market is overflowing with different insect repellents. So, you might be wondering which repellent to choose for your horse. 

We can help you with that!


If you are choosing a product in a big bottle, then you will have to additionally get a second bottle with an atomizer and refill it from time to time. 

The more convenient products are already sold in smaller bottles with an atomizer. 


If your horse has sensitive skin, then avoid any products with chemicals. Only choose products with natural ingredients to be sure they are safe for your horse. 


If you are choosing a product with natural ingredients, then it probably will be short-lasting, and you will have to use more of the product. Chemical products often have formulas similar to a concentrate, so only a few sprays are enough to provide your horse with a protective barrier.


Water-based formulas are better than oil-based formulas. Water-based products don’t trap dust or dirt and can be used in indoor spaces. 


Weather and sweat resistance are extremely important properties, especially for horses that spend a long time in a pasture and those that are in regular training. If you don’t want to re-apply the product every few hours, then choose a product with those properties in mind. 

Absorbine UltraShield Ex Repellent for horse
Absorbine UltraShield EX Repellent for horses

1. Spray Absorbine UltraShield EX

Spray Absorbine UltraShield EX is one of the most popular insect repellents for horses. This spray can be used in indoor spaces where horses are kept (e.g., sable corridor, stall, indoor riding arena) and its formula is water-based.

This product lasts up to 17 days and effectively repels up to 70 distinct species of flies. The composition also contains caring ingredients for your horse’s fur and sunscreen. You don’t need to worry about your horse’s coat condition. The rich ingredient list also contains lanolin and aloe vera which nourishes the skin and coat.

The formula is resistant to weather conditions.


  • Waterproof
  • Sweat-resistant
  • Contains sunscreen
  • Can be used on a horse’s body and in indoor spaces


  • Expensive
Farnam Edure - fly spray for horses
Farnam anti-fly spray for horses Endure

2. Sweat-resistant Fly Spray Farnam Endure

This long-lasting (up to 14 days) and sweat-resistant spray is perfect for horses in training. When you use this product, you can be sure that your horse will be protected anywhere: during training, on trail rides and in a pasture. The specialized formula is sweat resistant, so flies are not attracted to a sweaty horse (and that is what attracts flies the most).

The spray is available in a bottle with a convenient atomizer, so applying it on a horse is extremely easy. The formula grips the horse’s fur, so the product can last a long time. 

The product also repels ticks.

The package contains instructions on how to dilute the spray, because its formula is similar to a concentrate and may turn out to be too harsh for sensitive horses or if applied in too much quantity.


  • Long-lasting
  • Sweat resistant
  • Easy application
  • Contains sunscreen


  • Can be too harsh for sensitive horses
Over Horse Horsefly Spray
Natural anti-fly horse spray made by Over Horse

3. HorseFly Spray Over Horse

This product effectively repels a variety of different fly species and other insects such as mosquitoes, ticks, or black flies.

Its ingredient list contains essential oils, so if you like simple and organic products then this spray is perfect for you. However, it’s important to remember that oil-based products can trap dust and other types of dirt.

This product lasts for about 7h after its application. However, its effectiveness can be shortened after an intensive training session since the formula is not sweat resistant.

The product’s composition has been enriched with glycerin, which has a caring property for the horse’s skin and coat.


  • Cheap
  • Natural composition
  • Has a caring effect on a horse’s coat
  • Safe for animals


  • It’s not sweat resistant
  • Short lasting
Happy Horse Neem anti-fly Oil for horse
Happy Horse Neem anti-fly Oil

4. Happy Horse Neem Oil

If you value natural products and ingredients for your horse’s care, then this repellent will catch your eye. Happy Horse Oil is cold-pressed, unrefined and without any chemical additives, therefore it is safe for your horse.

This product can be mixed with shampoo, conditioner, or other insect repellents to maximize its effectiveness. You can also use this product topically, which is entirely safe for your horse.

This oil effectively repels any insects and has a soothing effect on the already formed bite marks.


  • Soothing effect on the skin
  • Natural ingredients
  • Effectively repels any insects
  • Can be mixed with other products


  • Low effectiveness in lower temperatures
  • It has a strong aroma that can be too overpowering

5. Horse Fitform insect repellent

This product is excellent for warm and hot days when a good amount of flies and insects gather in one place. It works well during evening training when a large number of mosquitoes gather around the horse.

It contains a fair amount of lavender oil, which is a natural repellent that repels ticks, gnats and other insects.

The product is based on natural ingredients, so it should not have an irritating effect on horses, even the most sensitive ones.


  • Effective on most fly species
  • Has a pleasant lavender scent


  • Bottle without atomizer


It’s extremely worth it to buy a good insect repellent so your horse can enjoy being outside without any distraction from those pesky bugs. Protecting your horse with a strong but safe product will ensure that it will stay safe from any diseases that are transmitted by insects.