If you’re looking for the best horse riding boots, you’ve come to the right place. These top brands all offer great quality at affordable prices. Take a look at the pros and cons of each brand and decide which style is best for you. And, don’t forget to try on the boots to see which one fits your foot best. You’ll love them even more once you have them on. Whether you are a first-time rider or a professional, you’ll love these boots.

Short vs long riding boots

Depending on the riding discipline, riding boots can come in many shapes and sizes. Some are specifically designed for Western riding (those who wear cowboy boots), while others are designed for English riding. Unlike paddock boots (field boots), which are often paired with half chaps and used for more casual riding, tall boots are worn by many for professional horseback riding, mainly for equestrian competitions. Tall riding boots can be made of leather or synthetic materials – some models feature a full grain leather upper; and are meant to fit snugly and stay in place during the ride.

You should consider the material and durability of the riding boots you want to buy. While expensive brands may look attractive, that doesn’t guarantee that they’ll last. You also need to make sure that the riding boots you buy are suited for the purpose for which you’ll be using them. Otherwise, you’ll likely end up wasting money on a boot that doesn’t fit properly. Once you’ve decided what type of riding boots you need, you can move on to choosing a brand.

Best horse riding boots

One of the best-known horse riding boot brands is E. Vogel. They offer beautiful dress boots for English and Western riding disciplines. Their riding boots come with sock options that keep your feet dry and comfortable while riding. The company also offers customized tall riding boots.

Animo is another popular brand for equestrian gear. One of their riding boot models, Animo Zodiac riding boots, are handmade of very high quality, durable and soft leather. These riding boots feature a spur rest and a zipper to further increase the comfort of wearing.

1. Animo Zodiak (left); 2. Horze Kilkenny (right)

Next brand with excellent quality and minimal break-in time is DeNiro. These boots are made of premium leather with a wide range of stitching colors. The inner calf is elastic and gusseted to ensure a secure fit. These boots are great for jumping and riding competitions. If you can afford to spend a bit more on the right riding boot, this brand is well worth considering.

Another great brand to consider is Parlanti Roma, which started in Italy. Their custom riding boots were originally made to fit the individual wearer, but now are available in standard sizes, so that every rider can choose the perfect riding boots.

For cowboy boots, Justin is a brand worth considering. Justin boots are a great choice for western riding. These leather cowboy boots are handmade with the use of the latest technology. The brand offers a huge selection of comfortable and durable western riding boots.

Finally, for less expensive options, Horze Kilkenny short riding boots are worth mentioning. Made of synthetic leather, they will be perfect for everyday use, whether for training or as paddock boots for working in the barn. These riding boots feature a zipper, lacing and a spur rest and are a perfect model for those who are looking for universal and comfortable riding boots.

With that many horse riding boot brands, you can find some great riding boots for a variety of budgets, and most riders choose to buy them online or from a local tack shop. While shopping online offers many advantages, in-person shopping has its benefits as well. Online shopping offers greater choice and price, while in-person shopping gives you the chance to try the riding boots on first. When looking for the best horse riding boots, take some time to try on several styles and sizes and ask the salesperson for help determining the right size for you.