Not so long ago, horseback riding was a hobby of a very particular group of people. Currently, however, it is quite a popular sports activity, which many people can afford. A very important part of horseback riding is the equipment. Equestrian equipment should be very diligently chosen and matched to the rider’s and horse’s needs. However, it is good to mention that the beginners, instead of worrying about buying proper elements, could just borrow them in most stables. But there will come a time when you would want your own equipment. What should you remember about then?

How the beginning of horseback riding should look?

Firstly, you should not go and buy a lot in the very beginning. Let’s be honest – equestrian equipment is expensive and might be a heavy hit to your budget. When you go to your first horseback riding class, they should be the so-called get to know classes. You will learn many theories and knowledge absolutely essential for riding. In the meantime, the instructor will always tell you what you currently need and what would be good to have as your own. A big mistake is to spend a lot of money on brand equestrian clothes (at the same time very expensive), when you only mean to treat is as a hobby. Such products are recommended for people passionate about horseback riding or beginner professionals that see their future bound with equestrianism.

On a first horse riding lesson, you can use a rental shop that most probably would be in the stud. Only when you decide that horseback riding is for you and you wish to spend more time on it, you should go shopping and choose your own products. It is good to mention that in equestrian stores you will find products for riders and for horses. What things you cannot forget about?

What should a beginning rider have?

There are many accessories for horseback riding lovers, but it is good to consider only a couple of them at first. What do we have in mind?

  • Breeches. They are seamless pants that are most often made of elastic material. They are characterized by their reinforcements on the buttocks and inner side of the thighs. That would protect your skin from chafing;
  • Toque. It is an element that no rider should forget about. A toque is a kind of protective helmet that would protect your head, chin, and jaw from all kinds of mechanical damage;
  • Shoes. Of course, you should choose ones that are designed for horseback riding. They are characterized by proper length. It is good to have them at knee-height. Such a solution will guarantee your calves are properly protected;
  • Gloves. This part of the outfit protects your hands and would allow you to have a better grip on the reins.
Girl with the helmet (sometimes incorrectly called a toque)

Which accessories for the horse?

If you plan on buying products for your horse, you cannot forget about the most basic element – the saddle. The cheapest models start at 115 Euros. Despite it being an accessory for the horse, the comfort of riding would be much better for you too, which is why you should not regret this purchase. There should be the so-called rug under the saddle. It is a special soft material that would prevent your horse from chafing while riding. It will also protect him from humidity that could cause the horse to catch a cold. While in an equestrian store, you should also consider buying a brush for the horse’s coat, a bridle, or special care products.

How to find an equestrian shop?

One of the biggest equestrian stores in Poland

In most cases, you can find equestrian store near stud. However, we have to mention that professional companies that sell equestrian equipment operate in big cities. Many sports shops offer their customers riding clothes. But the truth is – if you want the richest offer and special prices, you should look for equestrian equipment online. If you do not know much about equestrianism and have no idea what to choose, you can always ask the shop’s employees. They will surely advise and help you with your purchase.