Horseback riding is an awesome sport. Horse riding lessons engage the whole body, develop movement coordination, balance and improve the communication ability between horse and rider. But we can only truly enjoy it with safe attire that will protect us during the ride and in case of any accidents.

One of the most important pieces of equestrian equipment is a helmet. A riding helmet should have all the required safety approvals that prove its level of protection.

What to look for in the perfect helmet? Pay attention to the type of padding inside the helmet. It should fit snugly to your head, reduce shocks, plus absorb sweat and wick it away. Additionally, it is a good idea to choose a helmet that can easily be adjusted to the circumference of your head, preferably with a dial or interchangeable inserts. Last but not least – ventilation. It is the one that most affects the comfort of the ride. The better the ventilation inside the helmet, the better you can focus on riding.


Why is a riding helmet so crucial?

It is crucial to protect your head while riding so that it is not subjected to any serious injury in case of a fall or other accidents.

What is the most important in a good riding helmet?

Being able to maintain the hygiene of the helmet is extremely important. Choose models with removable liners that can be easily washed and reinserted. Besides, consider the possibility of adjustment. Look for models with a removable liner function or a knob that enables the circumference adjustment. The knob works best for children who are still growing.

Also, choose among models that comply with current norms and safety standards to make sure you’re riding in safe equipment.

The appearance is a minor issue, but if you find a helmet that meets the above requirements or you are choosing between different products, go ahead and pick the one you like best!

How to fit a riding helmet?

After putting the helmet on, adjust the chin straps to the size of your head (they must not be too loose or pinch your jaw) and tighten the helmet’s dial (if there is one) to get the right circumference.

Check out what we think are the best riding helmets:

Horze Apex Glitter riding helmet

1. Horze Apex Glitter riding helmet

The helmet is made of high quality materials, including ABS plastic, which is used in the production of top riding helmets. The shell of the helmet is richly decorated with glitter stripes in various colors (black, navy, pink and silver), so you can easily match the helmet to your favorite outfit.

The helmet’s visor is covered with a material that resembles leather at the touch, which adds even more chic and elegance. The visor is wide enough to protect your face and eyes from the harsh sunrays. The helmet is extremely comfortable, with additional comfort provided by a foam lining that adapts to the head shape (and remembers it).

The helmet is quite light (between 430 and 550 grams), and customizing the size is very simple thanks to the knob adjustment that is located on the back of the shell.

The helmet complies with the VG-1 standard.


  • Wide visor for sun protection
  • Adjustable with a knob
  • Elegant design
  • Several colors to choose from


  • The shell may get scratched over time
1. Samshield Shadowmatt; 2. Samshield Miss Shield

2. Samshield Shadowmatt and Miss Shield horse riding helmets

Samshield helmets are premium products that provide the highest level of protection. The helmets are chosen by top riders from around the world. And not without reason. They are extremely comfortable, stylish, and protective at the same time.

The helmets are made by hand, which proves the high quality of the product. The shell fully protects against impact and absorbs the subsequent shock. The vents are located around the shield and top of the helmet, so they are hardly visible.

The helmet is very comfortable and provides adequate air circulation, so that the head does not sweat. The chin pad straps are soft and nice to the touch.

Depending on the model, we can choose a helmet with a standard or wide visor, which effectively protects from the sun. Fitting the helmet is quick and convenient. Just measure the circumference of your head and choose the appropriate size insert. The liner is removable, so you can simply remove and wash it, and you also have the option of attaching a special winter liner, which is perfect for lower temperatures.

The helmet meets CE-VG1 01.040 2014-12 and ASTM/SEI standards.


  • Protective yet stylish shell
  • Effective ventilation and air circulation
  • Comfortable
  • Freedom of configuration


  • Rather high price (subject to accessories)
Uvex Exxential II horse riding helmet

3. Uvex Exxential II riding helmet

One of the most popular riding helmets by Uvex. It is distinguished by its high comfort and almost unbeatable ventilation.

Its sporty appearance is appreciated especially by the riders of the Eventing Competition and show jumping. However, it is not only the appearance that makes up for the purchase.

The shell of the helmet is very durable, yet lightweight. The chin fastener is user-friendly and does not detach while riding, and the chin straps are widely adjustable to properly fasten the helmet. The liner works brilliantly with the ventilation system, so sweat is quickly wicked away and head does not overheat. The liner is removable, so you can easily wash it in the washing machine.

The shape of the shell ensures that the occiput is adequately protected and will not get injured, and the properly designed visor protects against nose fracture or other facial injuries.

The helmet meets the VG1 01.040 2014-12 safety standard.


  • Outstanding circulation
  • High level of protection
  • Comfort


  • Available in two colors only
Busse Colmar riding helmet

4. Busse Colmar horse riding helmet

Busse helmet has a modern design and is eagerly chosen by riders. The helmet protects very well in case of a fall, and the shell, made of high-quality materials, absorbs the shocks created during impact. The outer shell of the helmet is resistant to poor weather conditions and scratches.

The helmet’s vents are discreetly located, while also serving as a decorative component.

The wearing comfort is high due to the satisfactory air circulation and the fact that the helmet can be perfectly adjusted to the head. On the back of the shell there is a knob for optimal size adjustment, and the chin straps are widely regulated, so we are sure that the helmet will not fall from the head during a fall.

The helmet meets the VG1 01.040 2014-12 safety standard.


  • Adjustable with a knob
  • Durable shell
  • Comfortable


  • Short visor
  • Available in two colors only
HKM Lady Shield riding helmet

5. HKM Lady Shield horse riding helmet

This riding helmet is intended for women. The whole design of the helmet is very delicate and feminine, yet functional and practical.

The shell is impact-resistant and provides effective head protection in case of a fall. The liner inside the helmet is very efficient in absorbing shocks, plus it quickly carries sweat away to the outside. Keeping the helmet clean (especially in summer) is extremely easy, thanks to the fact that the liner can be easily removed and washed in the washing machine.

The vents are placed as a subtle decoration on the shell of the helmet. The wide visor allows for comfortable riding even in harsh sunlight.

The adjustment of both the chin straps and the head circumference is extensive, so everyone can easily fit the helmet to their preferences. The chin straps are trimmed with a leather-like material, which makes the whole thing look very elegant.

The helmet complies with the VG1 01.040 2014-12 safety standard.


  • Wide, sun-protective visor
  • Elegant design
  • Minimalistic design


  • Designed for women only


Horseback riding will get even more enjoyable and safer for you if you choose proper horseback riding gear that will keep you protected and comfortable.

Remember to always put a helmet on your head when you get on a horse!