The topic of feeding horses is very important but at the same time can be problematic. There are, however, a few tricks that can make feeding a little bit easier for horse owners. 

Hay is a roughage feed, which horses should be consuming for a better part of the day. If during the day horses have access to fresh grass, then if we put them in a stall during the night, you should give them good quality hay. Unfortunately, a lot of horses (and especially ponies) eat their hay too fast or spread it all over the stall to a point where it becomes uneatable. 

There are, however, special feeders, hay feeders, or hay nets that keep the hay contained in one place and successfully slow down eating. 


What types of feeders are available for horses?

Hay nets – successfully slow down horse’s eating and minimize the amount of food falling to the ground. Depending on your and your horse’s needs, you can choose hay nets with smaller or bigger mesh. You can use hay nets in basically every place possible – in a stall, in a pasture, on a trailer, or when going to a competition.

Wall-mounted hay feeder – if you’re not convinced of hay nets then you should consider hay feeders. They can be easily mounted on a stall wall at every height. 

Outside hay rack – if you feed your horses hay when they are in a pasture, then you should consider purchasing a hay rack, which will isolate hay from the ground and prevent it from getting wet. Additionally, this type of feeder allows for multiple horses to eat at the same time. Choose a product with a big capacity that will fit a whole hay cube. 

How to choose an adequate feeder for a horse?

When choosing a feeder for your stable, there are a few things to consider. Firstly, you should think about how many horses you have, if you want to put separate feeders in each stall or one for all horses. This will allow you to choose the needed capacity of the feeder.

Additionally, you should think if the feeder will be used by big or small horses – ponies are often notoriously known for being fast eaters, which is why it’s a good idea to choose a hay net with small mesh for them. 

If you need a portable feeder that will be intended for short trailer trips, then you should choose a small and handy hay net or bag. However, if you consider feeding the whole herd or giving your horse a big amount of hay at night, then choose a product that will fit a hay cube or even better – a hay bale. 

What are the advantages of slow eating in horses?

If your horse eats too fast, then it can have serious stomach problems. Horses that eat too greedily often get colic, which can be very dangerous or even lethal for horses. That’s why horse owners want to minimize the risk of colic and feed their horses out of slow feeders. When a horse consumes smaller bites each time, the digestive system can work efficiently. 

Take a look at what we think are the best horse feeders:

Basse Hay Net to feed a horse
Busse horse hay net

1. Busse Square hay net

This square hay net can be mounted on a wall and will be perfect for places where there is more than one horse placed together due to its big capacity. 

There is a mounting string in each corner. 

This small mesh (4x4cm) allows for minimal food waste and slow eating. 

The hay net is made of durable string and the whole thing is trimmed with tape, which prevents side tearing and keeps the hay net’s shape. 


  • Easy to mount 
  • Filled from the top 
  • Durable 
  • Big capacity 


  • It can be hard to find a perfect place for mounting this hay net 
Busse Square Pro hay net

2. Busse Square Pro hay net

For horses that eat too fast, it’s recommendable to give them hay in a hay net. Slower eating will have a positive effect on the digestive system. 

It’s a good idea to choose a hay net with a big capacity, so a horse has enough hay for the whole night. 

The size of the mesh depends on how fast your horse eats and the amount of food waste that occurs – the smaller the mesh, the slower the horse will eat. 

Hay net can be used in a multitude of places: in a stall, in a pasture, on a trailer, or when going to a competition. 

The polyester material is durable and resistant to abrasions; this ensures that a horse won’t eat or bite through it. 


  • Durable
  • Slows down eating 
  • Big capacity 
  • Ideal for versatile use 


  • Difficult to fill with hay without a special filler stand
Wall-mounter horse feeder
Horse feeder to be mounted on a stable wall

3. Wall-mounted feeder Scenic Road SRC1100

This feeder is made of powder-coated metal bars, thanks to which it’s durable. The feeder can fit quite big amounts of hay, haylage, or cut grass.

The feeder is easy to mount. You can put the feeder at any height so it’s easy to adjust it to your horse’s needs. Additionally, you will protect the hay from getting spread all over the stall. 

This feeder can be mounted either in a stall or outside. 


  • Durable
  • Easy to mount
  • Big capacity 
  • Intended for outside and inside use


  • Doesn’t come with mounting screws 
Busse Professional hay net

4. Busse Professional hay net for horses

Very durable hay net with small mesh which slows down the eating and minimizes food waste. 

This hay net is hung on a rope attached to it, which makes it easy to use wherever you want!

The hay net has a very big capacity; it can fit a whole standard-size hay cube. 


  • Small mesh that slows down eating
  • Big capacity 
  • Easy to mount 


  • It is not tear resistant 
Derby Originals hay bag
Derby Originals hay bag

5. Hay bag Derby Originals

A well and conveniently designed hay bag will allow your horse to comfortably eat their hay in any place possible. 

The hay net is very durable and made of nylon webbing that is tear resistant; the mesh size is big enough for your horse to comfortably eat their hay. The design of this bag allows for keeping the food waste and mess to a minimum. 

This product is available in various colors. 


  • Durable and solid construction made of nylon webbing
  • Easy to fill up
  • available in various colors.


  • Small capacity 


The adequate feeding of a horse plays a crucial role in their health, that’s why it’s important to give your horse a suitable amount of roughage which the horse will eat throughout the day. 

If your horse eats too fast or wastes too much food, then consider purchasing a suitable hay feeder. Thanks to it, your horse will consume its hay slower and make a minimal mess in its stall or in a pasture.