The issue of feeding horses and providing them with the right amount of forage is crucial. However, proper feeding will be of no use if the horse is not properly hydrated. Horses should drink from 15 to 35 liters of water a day and our job is to provide it to them.

Many horse owners choose to install automatic waterers in stalls and on paddocks. Why? An automatic waterer provides the horse with as much water as it needs without the need for constant refilling, as it is in case of buckets or tubs. It is a very beneficial solution that guarantees the horses are provided with constant access to fresh water 24 hours a day.

Choosing the best horse waterer

There are several factors to look at when choosing a waterer:

Shape of the edges

Rounded edges are far safer than sharp ones, and creating a safe environment for animals to play or relax is crucial. Rounded edges minimize the risk of injuries.


The basic feature of a quality waterer is its durability and the materials used in production. The material should be non-corrosive and the waterer should perform well in any weather conditions.

While plastic waterers are more affordable, they are far less durable than those made of stainless steel.


A clean waterer is essential in providing your horse with clean and fresh water. Some horses will refuse to drink from a dirty waterer or bucket, which can lead to dehydration and in turn other serious illnesses.

It is advisable to choose a waterer from which old water can be easily drained, making cleaning less time-consuming and less complicated.


Easy mounting and maintenance is a must. To avoid future problems with installation or repairs, go for a model with a basic design and uncomplicated mounting.

Moreover, get acquainted with the assembly elements of a given model – whether they are included in the package or you have to arrange them on your own.


If you live in a cold area, a heated waterer is an essential piece of equipment in your stable to provide your horses with a constant water source. If you can’t find a heated model, consider an insulated one.

Which horse waterer is the best?

Lucky Farm automatic horse waterer
Lucky Farm horse waterer

1. Lucky Farm automatic waterer with hose

The Lucky Farm waterer has a very simple construction that makes it easy to maintain. The device is built from corrosion-resistant stainless steel, making it durable and easy to clean.

The waterer is equipped with an automatic water refilling system, thanks to which the animals have constant access to fresh water.

Installation is simple and uncomplicated, plus the structure can be mounted at any height and in any place.


  • convenient for both large and small animals
  • durable material (stainless steel)
  • water level monitoring system


  • possible leaks
  • necessary mounting parts not included
Rabbit Nipples large automatic waterer
Rabbit Nipples large automatic waterer

2. Rabbit Nipples large automatic horse waterer

This waterer has a very solid construction that will not rust, so that you can rest assured that it will remain in good condition for a very long time. Additional UV protection further increases the durability of the device.

The waterer can be filled with up to 4 liters of water, which makes it suitable for large animals. The installation of the waterer is simple and non time-consuming. The device works well in stables as a waterer for horses, as well as on farms for animals such as cows, goats and sheep.

A huge advantage of the device is the plug, which can be removed in order to drain the water. This allows for a thorough cleaning of the walls and corners of the waterer so the animals can drink fresh, uncontaminated water all the time.

Note that the product does not include hose attachments or screws – these must be purchased separately for proper installation.


  • durable construction and materials
  • capacity of up to 4 liters
  • water drainage option
  • easy to install


  • necessary screws and attachments not included
Homend stainless steel automatic horse waterer
Stainless steel automatic horse waterer

3. Homend stainless steel automatic waterer

Designed for horses, the waterer is versatile enough to be used for other animals as well.

The biggest advantage of this device is the system that monitors the water levels. When the water gets low, the inlet opens automatically and the water is refilled. In this way the waterer is always full, even when the horse consumes a lot of water or the drinking bowl is used by more animals.

The device can be mounted at any height, which makes the waterer suitable for both ponies and larger horses. The surface of the waterer is smoothened with the utmost care, thanks to which it is safe for the animals.

With this model, the manufacturer leaves it up to the consumer to choose whether to purchase the version with a drain plug (easy cleaning) or the basic version with a closed bottom.


  • easy to install
  • water level monitoring system
  • safe construction
  • durable material (stainless steel)


  • necessary screws and adapters not included
Rabbit Nipples automatic horse waterer
Rabbit Nipples automatic horse waterer

4. Rabbit Nipples automatic waterer for horses and livestock

The solid construction of the waterer enables installing it both in the stall and on the paddock. The stainless steel construction is resistant to external conditions and unpredictable actions of animals, which often play with such equipment, in turn causing damage.

The waterer is automatically refilled so that the animal has continuous access to fresh water.

All you need is a standard hose and bolts, and the setup can be located anywhere and at any height.

Be careful with the waterer in the winter and colder months, as the design can prove unreliable in harsh conditions.


  • simple installation
  • durable construction
  • automatic water refill system


  • design is not freeze resistant
Ritchie Omnie heated waterer for horse
Ritchie Omnie heated waterer for horse

5. Ritchie Omni heated horse waterer

The unit is equipped with a valve that allows for quick refilling so that animals have constant access to it. Due to the capacity and efficiency of the device, up to 40 horses can easily access the water, but the design allows for only two to drink at once.

Thanks to the use of stainless steel, the construction is extremely durable. Additionally, the whole thing is heated, so the device will perform well in all types of weather.

The installation of water and electrics is very simple. Once mounted, you don’t need to worry about refilling the water because the waterer fills up automatically.


  • large capacity
  • heated and durable
  • easy access to the inside of the device


  • mounting parts not included
Bower MK32N insulated water container for horses
Bower insulated water container for horses

6. MK32N insulated water container for livestock

If you are tired of waterers that don’t perform well in harsh conditions, definitely check out the features of this waterer, which is insulated with polyurethane foam that provides constant flow of water, even in low temperatures. Note that the structure is not heated, but the insulation proves to work really well.

The capacity of this unit is substantial and will provide water for as many as 25 horses! Moreover, the design allows multiple animals to drink at the same time.

The product is safe for animals and has no sharp edges, so the risk of injury is minimized.


  • large capacity
  • insulated
  • safe construction


  • no heating system
Little Giant automatic horse waterer in red, green and blue
Automatic horse waterer available in various colours

7. Little Giant automatic animal waterer

One of the cheapest options of waterers on the market. The device holds a lot of water, and thanks to the possibility of attaching a hose to it, animals have access to fresh water.

Cleaning is easy because there is a plug at the bottom that allows you to clean the waterer thoroughly after draining all the old water.

The waterer’s design is solid and durable, but mounting components are not included.


  • simple installation
  • durable material


  • valve problems and leaks may occur

Automatic waterers – benefits

Keeping your horse properly hydrated is extremely important. Just as important is regular maintenance and cleaning of the waterers or containers used by the animals.

Proper maintenance can be quite time-consuming, but with the latest technology, it is possible to get a waterer that not only provides constant access to fresh water, but is also simple to install and clean.

The benefits of using automatic waterers:

  • Saving time – you don’t have to personally control and refill the water containers
  • Saving water – the waterer will dispense as much water as required without overflowing
  • Constant access to water despite low temperatures – with a heated waterer
  • Fixed construction saves space and keeps the area tidy – no more long water hoses


Do waterers need to be cleaned?

The waterers should be checked regularly to ensure that they are not clogged (e.g. with hay) and that the water inside is clean and drinkable. The waterers are not capable of self-cleaning, but some helpful features, such as a drain plug, make cleaning and maintenance much easier.

Are automatic waterers safe for animals?

Modern waterers are designed in such a way that they do not pose any danger to the animals that use them. Choose models that are made of durable materials and feature rounded edges.

Is it possible for a waterer to freeze?

Certain weather conditions may have a negative impact on the waterer’s design. If your horses live in a rather cold environment, you will want to install a heated or insulated waterer to ensure constant access to water.

Choosing the best waterer for horses and livestock may not be an easy task, but now you know what features to look for so that the model you choose is suitable for your animals and your stable.