The most classic shaving brushes are those made of boar or badger hair. Sadly, it costs the death of the animal to obtain this type of hair, but alternatives have been developed that combine the advantages of natural bristles with ethical behavior towards animals. Horse hair shaving brushes are a revelatory alternative to other natural brushes.

How to use a natural bristle shaving brush?

If you have been using a synthetic bristle brush so far, before using a brush made of horse hair, you will definitely notice an unpleasant odor coming from it. After a few uses, it will definitely diminish or disappear completely.

You can also prepare the brush for use in a couple of steps to get rid of the unpleasant smell.

Follow these few steps to prepare your brush for use:

  1. Dip the brush in a bowl with mixed pet shampoo and lukewarm water.
  2. Soak the brush, then rinse it with warm water.
  3. To make the brush ready for reuse, dry it thoroughly in an airy and shady place (do not expose the bristles to sunlight).
  4. Repeat the process a couple of times until you get the desired effect.

What are the types of shaving brushes?

Here are the most popular types of shaving brushes:

  • Boar hair brush – this is the most popular type of shaving brush. They are rather reasonably priced, and their quality, durability and accuracy are at a high level. Boar bristles produce a sufficient amount of lather, but are quite stiff and do not retain much water.
  • Badger hair brush – the oldest type of bristle that was used in shaving brushes. They can be used either dry or wet. This type of brush is recommended for people with sensitive skin.
  • Horse hair brush – not a very common type of brush, but it is just as good as the others.
  • Synthetic hair brush – synthetic bristle brushes are suitable for those who want to use ethical products that do not use any animal products. Moreover, they are relatively cheap. Unfortunately, brushes of this type come with disadvantages: they do not retain much water and can irritate the skin.

Why to choose a horse hair shaving brush?


The hair is collected from the horse’s mane or tail. After it is cut, the hair is subjected to special treatments (including appropriate hygienic measures) that adapt the hair for human use.


A carefully crafted brush with appropriately soft bristles results in a pleasant experience while using it without causing irritation or allergies. The only downside to this type of brush is that, due to the texture of the hair, the bristles can’t be placed too close to each other and the brush doesn’t collect as much water as you might expect.


You can find two most common types of brushes: a brush made entirely of horse hair and one made of a blend of horse and badger hair.

The horse hair brush forms and applies a generous layer of lather, but can prove irritating after shaving and when used for long periods of time.

The combined brush is softer, so that we get a more pleasant feeling on the skin while shaving. The texture of this type of brush is similar to a brush made of horse hair only.

Which horse hair shaving brush is the best?

There are many horse hair brushes on the market, yet finding the perfect one may be more challenging than you think. Check out the suggestions below:

Horse hair shaving brush Vie-Long 13061

The brush is manufactured in Spain and consists of 50% mane hair and 50% tail hair.

By mixing bristles of different textures (the horse’s mane is slightly finer than the tail), we get the perfect brush that is properly soft, non-irritating and firm, so that we are able to achieve the perfect lather.

Compared to the aforementioned brushes, its stiffness is slightly lower, and a rather unpleasant odor persists on the new product. To get rid of it, follow the instructions above, and the smell should go away after a few uses.

Due to its high quality workmanship, this product is likely to become your best shaving brush ever!

Boar bristle brush Semogue 2000

Made in Portugal, this boar bristle brush is one of the cheaper (yet still good) brushes in this list. You can experience the pleasure of shaving at a surprisingly low price.

Because of its specific bristles, the brush may feel stiff and uncomfortable at first, but after a couple of uses, it will gain the right shape and softness.

Boar bristle brush Omega 80266

The brush originates from Italy and consists entirely of boar hair. The product has been on the market for about 30 years and is constantly gaining new advocates. The quality of manufacturing is at the highest level. Due to the texture, it is the perfect balance between the softness of the bristles and the firm and water-holding construction.

It is a great choice for beginners, as the brush helps you learn proper shaving technique.

Given its quality and attractive price, this is a product that belongs on your shopping list.

Horse hair shaving brush Simpson No. 1

This is a brush for handcraft fans! It comes from the UK, where it is manufactured with the utmost care at the Simpson company. Due to its high quality, the brush ensures an exceptional shaving experience.

The brush is made of 3-band bristles that feel soft on the skin, while also providing just the right amount of stiffness to create the perfect lather.

Given the high quality of the product and the fact that it is handmade, the price is rather high, but if you choose it, you will get true shaving satisfaction.

How to choose the best natural bristle shaving brush?

A shaving brush is a fairly common tool, but it is still possible to drop a brick and choose the wrong model for yourself. So what to look for when choosing a shaving brush?


The choice of bristles is up to you. Some people may feel uncomfortable using a brush made of boar or badger hair, but these are the brushes that offer the most shaving pleasure. If you want natural bristles, you can choose a brush made of horse mane and tail hair.

There are also synthetic bristle brushes, which do not use anything of animal origin in their production.

Brush stiffness

Depending on the desired effect, you can choose a brush with more or less stiff bristles. If you want a lot of lather, go for a slightly softer brush, as it will hold more water. When choosing a brush, keep in mind that the greater the stiffness, the less water the brush holds. If you care about the durability of the brush, choose a stiff one.


Is applying shaving foam with your hands as effective as applying with a brush?

Many men prefer to use their fingertips to apply the shaving foam, while also performing a gentle massage. While this method is just as effective, using a brush has its advantages.

While applying the product, the brush does a gentle peeling, which helps remove dead skin, exfoliates the skin and cleanses the cells. Moreover, the shaving brush helps to soften the beard and significantly improves its condition.


If you are looking for the best softness and stiffness of the bristles, you should choose the Vie-Long 13061 brush, but if you want a carefully manufactured product whose quality is definitely worth the price, then go for the Simpson No.1 brush.