Many years ago, cowboys dominated the United States, traveling many miles on horseback to reach their destinations. Before cars became common, it was cowboys who delivered letters and traveled across the steppes and deserts of America.

Nowadays there are many horseback riding enthusiasts who focus mainly on the classical riding school, but with proper training you have the opportunity to embark on a wonderful trip on horseback. It’s not as easy as it may seem, so before you accept this challenge, prepare yourself accordingly.

Check out the best locations for horseback riding tours in the United States:

Waco, Texas

Texas is a native region of cowboys and ranchers! The trails here are long and quiet.

Do you dream of riding on the back of a calm horse accompanied by an infinite amount of birds? Does the forest soothe you and do you enjoy walking through it? If your answer is yes, then the stables in Waco, Texas are for you!

Morning Maverick, Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is more than just casinos and night life. You can also find some great horseback riding trips there. If you like simplicity, you’ll love the cowboy ranch atmosphere with extremely friendly people and great horses. If you’re dreaming of a Wild West-like off-road ride, you’ve come to the right place! You have the opportunity to traverse the vast fields of the ranch with rocky mountains rising in the background.

A field trip like the Wild West? Not only! At the ranch you’ll have a real rancher’s breakfast with eggs and pancakes.

Memphis Trail Ride, Tennessee

If you’re hesitating between urban and rural living, we have something for you. Shelby Farms is located in Memphis Park, Tennessee. The farm offers riding lessons for beginners in a friendly and stress-free atmosphere.

The staff will be happy to provide you with key information about horseback riding and help you explore the ins and outs of the sport. This is a great place for beginner riders and young horse lovers.

Chilkoot, Skagway, Alaska

Do you know the painter Bob Ross? He’s the one who painted much of the scenery straight out of Alaska. It’s extremely picturesque and full of mountains, which you’ll see when you arrive at Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park.

During the ride you have the opportunity to pass through Dyea, which is commonly known as a ghost town. Then, you will reach the White Pass, which is full of mountains and rushing rivers. Listening to the sound of them gives you the chance to truly relax.

After an exhausting ride, don’t forget to dine on native specialties and traditionally prepared salmon.

Fern Forest Trail, Asheville, North Carolina

Arrowmount Stables in North Carolina is an awesome place for horseback riding that has everything you need. You’ll satisfy your hunger at the nearby food and beverage outlets, and after a successful ride you can head to the nearby stores.

The trail of this National Forest is just perfect if you want to go for a ride with your children. The people who work there take care of the safety of the riders and make sure to choose the route according to the skill level and age of the riders. The trails are not extreme, so this place is recommended mainly for beginners and children.

Kualoa Ranch, Hawaii

It might seem that in Hawaii you will find only sandy beaches. Nothing could be further from the truth. Far inland are the vast green fields that belong to Kualoa Ranch. In the distance are the breathtaking Kanehoalani Mountains. Chances are you’re already familiar with these mountains – they’ve been the background of photoshoots more than once, as well as movie sets such as Jurassic Park and Pearl Harbor.

Thanks to the Hawaiian climate, you are almost 100% sure that the weather will spoil you during your horseback riding trip. You will rarely experience rain or low temperatures here.

The ranch offers two horseback tours: one standard tour through the vast tropics, and along the traces of the film sets of the aforementioned movies. This will be a wonderful adventure, as the locals will be happy to tell you the amazing history of the land.

Lana’i, Hawaii

The island is called Pineapple Island, and is known as Lana’i to the locals. While there, you can stay at the Four Seasons Resort and Hotel and relax in privacy.

In addition to horseback riding, there are many outdoor activities available: hiking, golf, boating, scuba diving or fishing. All these attractions make the place a comprehensive resort.

The Pineapple Island has a rather unusual rust-colored terrain, which creates the impression of traveling on a Martian planet.

Sonoma, California

California is typically associated with vacations and hot, summer, sunny days. During the ride, you have the chance to see some breathtaking views, located in Skaggs Vista. We guarantee those are the kind of views you are going to remember for the rest of your life.

Besides, Sonoma Country is a truly wine region, so be sure to make use of its attractions and wine tasting opportunities. A bit of wine tasting is a great option after an exhausting ride.

Sedona, Arizona

While you may think of Sedona as a hiking destination, horseback riding is also a highlight of the region. Make sure to grab some delicious cuisine to fuel you before a horseback trip to Sedona’s rocky formations. It is well worth the trip to this region for a ride. The staff matches the horse and the pace of the ride to your skills, so you will certainly be satisfied. There is no room for stress brought on by riding too fast or for boredom of an experienced rider among a group of beginners.

After a good lunch and a grueling ride, there is an opportunity for wine tasting.

Cowgirl Spring Roundup, Montana

Cowgirl Spring Roundup is a place made for families, which provides entertainment for people of all skill levels and ages. In addition to horseback riding, you’ll learn photography and roping cattle there.

At The Resort at Paws Up ranch, experts will prepare your child both theoretically and practically for trail riding. If you are a loner, you can go in the field alone, but such a ride is also a great opportunity for larger groups to make new friends.

Battlefield of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

It is a perfect place for historians and history lovers. History enthusiasts surely are aware of the significance of the Battle of Gettysburg. Now you have the opportunity to visit the battlefield on the horseback, assisted by a guide who will tell you about its most important events.

The whole hike takes about 2 hours and even if you are not interested in historical topics, it is worth participating in the trip for the views and scenery.

Cheyenne, Wyoming

Another great option for history fans. Get your next horseback riding lesson in Cheyenne, the place where many important events involving cowboys took place. Terry Bison Ranch is a place for riders of all experience levels, even beginners and children who have never sat on a horse’s back.

If you’re lucky, you’ll happen upon the Cheyenne Frontier Days celebration, which is a rodeo event celebrated every year. A 10-day festival, it is an event well worth taking part in if you find yourself in the area.

During the ride, you have the chance to visit many historic sites, such as The Wrangler building, the Nagel Warren Mansion and the Historic Plaines Hotel.

Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

You’ll get to see many species of wild animals as you ride through Esters Park in Colorado. This is a fantastic place to enjoy wildlife and farm animals.

The Rocky Mountain National Park offers not only horseback riding trips, but also rock climbing and hiking. If you like spending time outdoors then you will find something for yourself there.

Santa Barbara, California

Alisal Guest Ranch is located at the foot of the hills of the Santa Ynez Valley in Santa Barbara, which is another country where you can taste wine after an hours-long ride. The place is unplugged from technology, which means no Wi-Fi, TV or phone calls.

Over 80 kilometers of horse paths and trails await you there. It is an unforgettable adventure, however, due to the length of the trail, beginner riders and children may find it difficult to follow.

Bridger-Teton National Forest

The national forest is located in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. A walk in Bridger-Teton guarantees sensational views. You’ll see picturesque mountains, rushing rivers and streams. Depending on the time of year, in the Bridger-Teton National Park you’ll find expansive fields strewn with luscious green grass or a truly magical winter wonderland.

Due to the lovely scenery – this is a perfect place for a photoshoot. After a tough hike, both horses and riders can relax by the river.

What’s more, it is an ideal place not only for horseback riding, but also hiking.